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Create high-quality content with your brand data and expert insights.

Make content worth reading

The only way to create unique AI content is with unique data. Wordbrew makes it easy to collect human insights, from your teammates or our expert network, and turn them into high-quality content drafts.

Transform the way you create content

Every draft is crafted based on your own data and insights, resulting in customized drafts that can't be replicated.

1. Share your brand data

Connect to Google Drive and select the specific files or folders you want to share.

2. Create content brief

Use templates to fast-track briefs and outline creation.

3. Configure content outline

Edit, add, and reconfigure the subheadings and key points in your outline.

4. Add collaborators

Easily find and add experts to share insights, whether internal or external.

5. Receive first draft, enriched with unique data

Wordbrew synthesizes your data, and newly received insights using AI to produce a draft.

Fast-track content creation with expert insights, from your network, or ours

Wordbrew's expert network spans over 300 seasoned subject matter experts across various industries, ensuring you have access to top-tier insights for any content project. 

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Industry experts in our network

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Time savings across the content lifecycle

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Human insights come first, enriched by AI, ensuring high-quality, accurate, and engaging content every time.
On average, customers save up to 70% on content creation, but we’ve seen even greater time savings.
No. Human insights are essential for content quality. We feed AI unique ideas and experiences to reduce fiction and hallucination.
Wordbrew has customizable compliance checks and style guidelines to ensure your content meets industry regulations.
Outside your Core, Plus, or Pro plan, you can expect to pay for expert insights from Wordbrew’s network of experts. If you need done-for-you content, you can contact our team to join Wordbrew VIP, which gives you access to a dedicated CSM and hands-off content creation.

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