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7 Copywriting Tips to Drive Sales

It’s Not Always About What You Write, But How You Write It.

We’ve said it before, but words are your brand’s superpower. Don’t believe us? Then let us change your mind with these seven copywriting tips to improve your website sales, boost your leads, and up your conversions. And, guess what? None involve enrolling in a literary course, or spending hours on a writing retreat honing your grasp of abstract metaphors.

How To Write Sales Copy That Performs. Our Copywriting Tips.

1. Know Your Audience

Let’s start simple. What makes your audience tick? What pain points are they experiencing? When you know your target customers well, you can make sure you position your brand as the solution to their problems.

Focus on your customers’ needs and what you can do to make their lives that little bit better. Your website is about them. Not just about your products or what services you offer.

2. Know What You Are Selling

Your website puts your customers first, but to sell your products, you first need to know in-depth what you are selling. How does your product or service address your customer’s pain points?

Before writing, sit down to pinpoint why you offer the best solution to their problems. You might be the fastest, the cheapest, the only product on the market that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Or you might fund a charity project or conservation initiative with every sale. Whatever it is, make sure your customers know about it. And why it benefits them.

3. Focus On Killer Headings

Headings signpost your content and make it easy for readers to understand and digest what you are saying. They also are a core part of your SEO strategy.

Include keywords in your headings – where it makes sense – to boost your rankings in the Google SERPs. The best headlines are attention-grabbing and creative. Here are our top headline copywriting tips:

  • Make headings emotionally compelling. Tug on the heartstrings, be a beacon of hope, or ramp up your customers’ curiosity. Emotions sell.
  • Focus your headings on the benefits you offer rather than the features of your products or services.
  • Use them to showcase your expertise, trustworthiness, and knowledge.
  • Make promises or state propositions. Something that will hook your customers in.

4. Get Your Structure Right

No copywriting tips would be complete without a note-on-page structure. You want your website, landing page, email, or blog post to be as easy to read as possible for your customers.

Bear in mind that your audience will probably only read about 20% of the words you write. Bullet points and subheadings carve up long chunks of text, make your page easy to skim, and ensure that the 20% your customers see is the 20% most relevant to them.

5. Help Your Customers Choose

It’s hard to make a decision when you have too many choices. So instead of showing every option available to your customers in your copywriting, give them the choice of just one or two things you would most like them to do after reading your copy. It might be purchasing a product, signing up for a free trial, or subscribing to a newsletter.

6. Get Savvy Around Risk Reversal

We all know what it’s like. You see a product advertised and love it, but just before you click the buy now button, there’s a little voice in your head: “What if it doesn’t work? “What if it doesn’t fit?” “What if it doesn’t look like the pictures?”

Risk reversal takes all those nagging worries away from the customer and turns them around onto your brand. You take on the risk. You do it by offering free returns, free trials, money-back guarantees, or warranty periods.

Anything to give your customer confidence in your product or service. Risk reversal is one of our most powerful copywriting tips for driving sales. Whatever you have in place, use it in your copy.

7. Sales Copywriting Includes Clear Calls To Action

Tell your customers what to do next and ask them to make the sale. Calls to action are the signposts that lead the way through your sales process. Make them clear, easy to find, and compelling to click through.

Our Copywriting Tips In Summary

While killer website copywriting is often creative and full of personality, success isn’t always down to what you write. Writing sales copy that performs is as much about the structure and customer insights behind it as your choice of language.

So, even if your way with words is shakier than Shakespeare’s, these simple copywriting tips will help increase your sales and up your customer conversions.

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