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Are You Leveraging the Power of the Marketing Case Study?

Let’s study the ‘marketing case study’ – a magic tool designed to generate new leads. At Wizeo, we understand case-study wizardry and customer buy-in is integral to the spell.

No matter how well articulated or wonderfully presented your case study might be, it’s your customer’s approval that truly works the charm.

Here’s how to craft an engaging marketing case study, which could be the key to new client success.

How to Write a Marketing Case Study

First off, it’s all about transparency. Don’t be afraid to spill some secrets. After all, the aim of your case study is to foreground your firm as an industry leader, and to prove to your prospective clients that you really know your stuff.

So be authentic. Stay genuine.

Exaggeration is never effective, but equally so, understating your results won’t do you any favors. When you showcase your triumphs, try keeping it simple. This may come in the form of:

  • Bulleted lists
  • Snappy statistics
  • Bold or italicized text

These are your friends… Remember, there’s always that lazy reader who only fancies a scan!

At the same time, you’ve got to make your case study accessible and easy to discover. Don’t just flag it on your website, why not optimize the content, or give it some publicity on social media?

Likewise, be crystal clear to your featured clients. Let them know early on about your case study strategy, that is, you wish to employ the relationship you’re building as a glowing example of commercial cooperation.

Put bluntly, you need this client to sing your praises, so that future customers will do the same. Being truthful and transparent from the get-go will prevent your request from feeling somewhat cheeky. And be sure to give that appeal an appropriate framing, something along the lines of…. ‘and if our scheme fulfills those objectives would you be comfortable with us producing a case study to exhibit this project to prospective customers?’

How to Win Big Clients? Tell a Good Story

Secondly, we all love a good narrative. And just like in fiction, compelling case studies function through a kind of strategic storytelling. Shape a plot- start to finish– what was your client’s end goal and how did you help them get there? Don’t just describe a standard protocol, dig deep, narrate how you produced targeted results weeks and months down the line.

Fittingly, those viewing your case study are already prospective protagonists, hoping to rewrite this story and cast themselves as ‘hero’. By the finale of the narrative, they should be able to imagine what using your product or service could precisely do for them. It’s their journey and you’re the helpful side-kick.

Bear in mind that those who read about cases in their own industry, often suppose that a similar method will suit their own specific wants. This may mean that several case studies are required to reach several target audiences. Don’t be naïve. Get storytelling.

Trial Different Formats

Lastly, it may be wise to test a variety of case study ‘types’, since different formats suit different stories. From interviews to infographics, and podcasts to webinars, there’s a whole range of audio, video, and visual techniques that can boost your case study’s validity and ultimate credibility.

Regardless of your approach, it goes without saying that you’ve got to be organized. Make sure you’ve chosen the most relevant employees to interview, that you’ve scripted rational questions, and selected the exact performance metrics which you need to pinpoint.

Finally, to ease the evaluation procedure, it might be helpful to provide your client with a template response form. Together, you can track changes, record feedback, and speed up the journey to case study success.

Talk to an Expert 

If all this sounds a little tricky, why not rely on content writers who know the wizardry?

Whether you need help conducting an interview, scripting a compelling synopsis, or framing an overarching story, feel free to get in touch with us .

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