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How Often Should You Blog For SEO?

Let’s Get Started. Why Blog?

Brand discovery, driving organic traffic, and building leads. Just three of the reasons why it can be a smart move to start a blog for your brand. You heard it here; blogging can be a real superpower for your business.

But, how often should I blog?! We hear you cry. There are no hard and fast rules. The frequency you put the proverbial pen to paper will depend on two key blog objectives — organic traffic or brand awareness — and the resources you have available to keep your blog furnished with content.

How Often Should I Blog for SEO? Our Guide To Blog Best Practices:

Objective: Organic Traffic

The vast majority of Google search traffic goes on the first page, with most of that traffic going to the first few links.

Well-optimized, relevant, and high-quality blogs that perform well in the Google SERPs will increase the volume of organic traffic reaching your website.

Essentially the more, keyword-optimized blogs you can write, the higher your organic traffic will be.

So, How Many Blog Posts Per Week To Increase Organic Traffic and Boost SEO?

3-4 per week for smaller blogs, and larger blogs with more resources 4-5 times, but this can include revising previous posts to keep them relevant.

  • A content schedule is your friend, especially if you are a small team. Planning and brainstorming blog ideas in advance will keep the momentum flowing.
  • Or, consider outsourcing your blog to a content agency. Just make sure you have your verbal identity in place to ensure a consistent brand voice.
  • To help you create this content regularly at speed, stick to easy-to-write, informative topics for your customers. ‘How-to’ guides or ‘top 10’ lists are good here.

Objective: Brand Awareness

Diversification is vital when blogging for brand awareness. Google will crawl your entire site for SEO, so every blog post you create has the potential to get you seen and boost your authority and credibility.

These posts are less about traffic and more about sharing your brand voice and brand values. As such, you can slow down a little and write in more depth about the topics you want to cover.

How Many Blog Posts Per Week For Brand Awareness?

For small blogs, 1-2 times per week will suffice. Larger blogs that have enough resources behind them for writing and research could consider posting 3-4 times per week.

  • Keep content quality high to build trust and engagement.
  • Use these blogs to show what you know, help your target audience, and offer solutions to pain points — whether they directly relate to your products or services or not.
  • With more time to focus on each blog, you can dive deeper into industry trends, thought leadership pieces, or more creative writing.

How To Optimize Blog Posts For SEO

You’re writing an ideal number of blog posts per week to get organic traffic flowing to your site, and there should be sparks of brand recognition all over the net. So, what next?

You need to make sure the posts themselves are optimized for search. Keyword research will help you identify which short and long-tail keywords to target in your post. You’ll need to think about the intent behind your audience’s searches and make sure your content and keywords are relevant and useful.

Ultimately, while these suggestions are a great starting place to get you blogging effectively, you’ll work out what the sweet spot is for your business in terms of quantity for driving traffic and generating brand awareness.

There are no hard and fast rules, so play and get creative. Keep things in line with your verbal identity, make sure you’ve optimized all your content for search, and let your blog fly.

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