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Is Your Snackable Content Ready?

What is it with content marketers and food analogies?

We’ve already talked about your brand’s EAT, and now we’re moving on to snackable content. Short-form, easily digestible nuggets of copy, great for brand awareness, social sharing, and brand personality.

So, if you’re a content marketer hungry to get digital content working for your brand (Ok, we’ll stop now), read on.

What Is Snackable Content?

Infographics, memes, text-over-image social posts, gifs, and short video clips. Snackable content comes in many forms, but, crucially, it is all quick to consume, straightforward, and visually engaging.

From a copywriting point of view, snackable content creation is all about concise captions, definitive statements, and – every so often – witty one-liners. Where blog posts can discuss a topic in-depth, snackable content offers the information in short, bite-sized, top-line chunks.

Why Include Snackable Content In Your Digital Content Strategy?

Snackable content is easily shared and passively consumed via social channels. It works well to raise brand awareness and can help your customers connect with your brand personality.

Check out the social media content creation we’ve been working on for our clients, Joe & the Juice. Full of personality, shareable, with a clear brand message, and an instantly recognizable brand image.

Our recent work with Joe & The Juice

Snackable content can help you share strong brand statements, or in the case of infographics, distill complex information into a concise, easily-understood format.

According to a report shared in Forbes, 90% of the information passed to the brain is visual. 

Snackable content that combines to-the-point copy with visually-engaging graphics or video can help your customers retain information, remember your brand, and understand more complex ideas related to your products and services.

Three Types Of Shareable Content To Consider

Easily consumed and highly shareable, snackable content is your go-to when it comes to social media content creation. Here are three types of snackable content you’ll want to think about including in your social media content calendar:

1. Infographics:

30 times more likely to be read all the way through than a blog or article, infographics are a valuable way to share key brand or product information. Use them to highlight statistics or to take customers through the stages of their journey with your brand.

2. Memes:

A creative, often entertaining approach to sharing your brand’s values, opinions, and personality, memes can be an effective way to connect emotionally with your audience. They are shared widely via social channels.

3. Quote graphics, or text-over-image graphics:

These are often inspirational and help your audience identify with who you are as a brand. Images need to be striking and the copy compelling. You might be sharing a quote from a customer or a public figure that shares your values. Or, perhaps highlighting a meaningful statistic or strong brand message.

How To Write Snackable Content

It may not involve crafting detailed arguments in the same way as a long-form blog post, but writing highly shareable, ultra-short form copy is an art form. It requires creativity and bravery balanced with nuance and audience knowledge. And an ability to distill the essence of complex arguments into a short phrase or two.

Copywriting services have writers on hand who specialize in short-form, social copy. Consider hiring one as a cost-effective way to ensure your snackable content performs.

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