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The Wizeo Guide to Social Media Content

Are your social media posts more stuck in the mud than viral sensations?

Perhaps your new followers have slowed to a trickle?

If you can’t separate your TikTok strategy from your Instagram plans or you want to increase your social engagement, Wizeo is here to help.

Our ultimate social media content guide will lift the lid on how to perfect your social media strategy. We’ll straighten out your Facebook priorities and get you Tweeting like a pro. And your customers will love you more too, as you start to post more engaging and compelling social media content.

Why Use Social Media?

We’re betting that the four billion social media users globally include a fair number of your target customers. Given that the average person in the USA spends over two hours per day on social media sites, you don’t want to miss out by not having a strong social presence.

Unlike traditional advertising or website content, social media allows you to have a two-way conversation with your customers and connect with them as people, not sales leads. Get your social media content right to boost your brand image, shout about your core values, and drive customer loyalty.

Defining Your Instagram, Twitter, Or Facebook Content Strategy

Or TikTok, Linked In, or Youtube. You might be wondering why we’re not talking about a single umbrella social media content strategy. Why? Because you need to approach each platform as an individual marketing channel. They’re all social media platforms. But they’re each very different.

So, how do you start defining your Facebook content strategy? Start your Instagram content planning or develop your TikTok tactics? How do you work out which platform to prioritize when time or budget constraints are tight?

1. Know Your Audience

Who are your customers? How old are they? What are their interests? Where do they live?

2. Define Your Social Aims

Are you hoping for increased leads? Greater brand awareness? Decide why you are using social media.

3. Know Your Brand Voice

What is your brand personality? Your social media content needs to be consistent with your brand, albeit with a more informal tone.

4. Write a Content Plan

Decide what you will post and when.

5. Monitor and Evaluate

Look at which posts are working in terms of generating leads or engagement and which aren’t. Apply what you learn.

What to Post on Social Media

From the tone of voice to preferred media, here’s our low-down on social media content. Platform by platform.


  • Post short videos which are highly engaging or entertaining, Or tips-based and informative. Tutorials can also perform well.


  • Post high-resolution images, short videos, and aspirational lifestyle content.
  • Instagram captions should follow your brand voice but can be more informal and conversational in tone.


  • Post videos, curated articles, and blog content. Notably, videos get 59% more engagement on Facebook than any other type of content. You’ll need a snappy caption to grab your audience’s attention too.


  • Share news headlines, industry analyses, company updates, customer polls, opinions, or thought leadership content.
  • Keep your copy super short. Just highlight the main point, or, ask a relevant question, and include an image.


  • Post B2B news, industry comments, company updates, job listings, and other professional content.
  • Remember, this is a professional network. So, while you can still be true to your brand identity, your tone will reflect your business rather than your customer outlook.


  • Youtube is the place for more in-depth videos than TikTok. Think tutorials or how-to guides, interviews with brand ambassadors, or a deep dive into issues of importance to your brand.
  • Short trailers of longer YouTube films are great to share on your other social channels.

When To Hire A Social Media Content Writer?

Keeping on top of a social media content plan can feel overwhelming when you have other business priorities.

Quality social media content takes time to create, but it is vital that you never compromise your brand image or values. If you struggle to post regular, high-quality content, then a social media content writer can perform magic for you.

At Wizeo, we think your content is best written by an expert. So, we’ll match you with a social wizard with a particular passion for your industry niche.

In Summary

Social media is an effective marketing tool to increase brand awareness, highlight your brand values, and connect with your customers. A compelling, authentic social media presence can increase leads, boost customer engagement, and drive loyalty.

Consider outsourcing your social media content to a social media specialist if you don’t have the time or expertise to tailor content for specific platforms or post regularly.

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