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Welcoming Jon Weirman: Wordbrew’s Auto Aficionado

Surprisingly, Cars Aren’t His Preferred Mode of Transportation

When he’s not writing, you can find Jon Weirman on a skateboard “recklessly bombing empty ditches or hills.” 

Wizeo auto, marketing, and real estate clients and major auto brands like Chevy, Alfa Romeo, Kia, and Maserati all benefit from his writing. But what makes Jon truly exceptional is the compassion he possesses for others. 

Let’s meet Jon and see the world through his eyes. 

What’s Your Current TV Character Obsession?

I really enjoyed Anya Taylor-Joy’s performance in 2020’s “The Queen’s Gambit” from Netflix. It was intriguing watching her become a chess prodigy, and she did a great job of exuding “brilliant and beautiful!”

What’s Inspiring You In Life Right Now?

I am inspired by journalists in places that risk their lives, such as Iran, Pakistan, and of course, Ukraine. Personal freedoms, dating behavior, and other choices are taken for granted SO much in free lands such as the U.S. 

What Book Did You Most Recently Finish? What Were Your Key Takeaways?

“Lullaby” by Chuck Palahniuk. Horror satire isn’t my favorite, but it was just as brilliant as “Fight Club.” All of his characters are so dark and unpredictable, and he is a master at blending the supernatural into everyday situations. He can make bleak seem ordinary, yet consistently riveting!

What Makes You Feel Accomplished?

Since the world has been a bit traumatizing since the pandemic, I feel accomplished and grounded when I check up on the ones I know who are anxious, afraid, and economically affected.

What’s Your Dream Superpower?

Being a mind reader would take the cake! Negotiating in any form of social or business situation would have another layer of prediction that would affect your every move.

What is Your Current Passion Project?

My current passion project is connecting with my friends who are professional photographers and seeing things through their eyes. A few of them in Europe are killing it and living their best lives in places like Sweden and Belgium!

What Skill Would You Like to Master?

I would love to master surfing. I am landlocked now, but just watching it makes me think of the ultimate and most natural connection to the ocean!

What Motivates You to Work Hard?

I once had a mentor who ran a PR company, and they told me that the true rush of working hard is when you just completed a great piece and someone else wants you to collaborate on another. The inspiration of painting a picture for web copy that not only sells but is truly evergreen and organic.

Which of Your Five Senses Would You Say is the Strongest?

Sight. Even though I can make a living with words, I frame things visually and never forget them, and Salvador Dali was a huge influence on me as well as van Gogh!

What is the Most Helpful Thing You Own?

I hate to say this, but my smartphone! It is imperative for me to see how all my work is flowing through the newsrooms and pipelines, and how my loved ones are doing while on the go 🙂 

Who Would Play You In a Movie About Your Life?

I think a great choice would be Ryan Gosling. He was well cast in the new “Blade Runner” and is very much an abstract dreamer.

What Makes a Person Exceptional?

Always empathy and kindness. I don’t have a problem with capitalism, but the ones who look after their neighbor will always enjoy the richer things in life—the nurses, the special educators, the volunteers on suicide hotlines, and the first responders who save lives.

Describe Any Random, Interesting Facts or Stories About Yourself That You Like to Share With Strangers.

I was raised in an era when we loved skateboarding, punk rock, and 1980s culture, and the writings of Anthony Bourdain were the ones that showed me how to be descriptive and eloquent. I’m a huge retro video game fan, and having parents who were missionaries in Bangladesh really opened my eyes as a 9-year-old to mass poverty and the impacts of corruption. 

Jon’s Real Superpower

Sure, Jon knows how to write descriptively and eloquently, but that’s not what makes his writing special. What makes him skilled in his craft? We think it’s his ability to connect with others in all aspects of life—not just writing. 

Content marketing is all about the significance to the person on the receiving end—the reader—and this 1980s culture lover nails it. 

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