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Why Should You Hire a Content Writer?

It can be tempting to do it all yourself, can’t it? When there’s very little cash to splash on unnecessary extras and you need to prioritize spending. But how do you use the funding you have to give your new business the best chance of success?

From building the foundations of your brand to converting those precious first leads into sales, a solid content strategy from the outset is one of the best investments you can make. So from us, it’s a resounding yes. You do really need to hire a content writer. Here’s why:

You Have The Vision, We Have The Words

Have you heard of the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’? Doing too much by yourself instead of calling in expert help can cause you problems in the long run. We salute your business acumen and your entrepreneurial vision – but, on top of all your other roles as the CEO and founder of a start-up business, do you have the time or know-how to write regular compelling, search-optimized content?

A professional website content writer has the expertise to help you devise a content strategy, ensure a brand-driven consistent tone of voice, and deliver engaging, customer-centric copy. All tied up in a comprehensive SEO-focused package.

What’s more, consistency has been shown to be key to achieving a higher customer conversion rate. Using a content writer to oversee your written communications allows you to leverage the benefits of an omnichannel marketing approach, where seamless, almost interchangeable communications across customer touchpoints give you the benefit of a much higher engagement rate — 18.96% versus 5.4% for a single-channel approach.

You’ll Need to Build a Brand

We’ve talked before about the benefits of building a brand community to drive customer retention and sales. In short, a feeling of affiliation keeps your customers loyal, not reward schemes and discount vouchers. It means not investing the time and energy into defining your brand-defining content is one of the biggest mistakes we think start-ups make.

Why do we believe brand identity is important from the outset? Not only to help deliver a consistent message across your marketing channels — as we’ve outlined further in this piece. It also helps your customers relate to you, and it helps you understand how to speak to the heart of your customers.

Write Compelling Content to Increase Conversion Rate

While Google may decide how high up the SERPs you sit via complex computer algorithms, whether that organic traffic you’ve worked so hard for converts into leads is down to human emotion. Your content needs to be emotionally compelling, and it needs to let your customers know what it can do for them, not simply what you do.

Emotionally-engaging content is what a professional website content writer can deliver for you. Being one step further away from your business allows an outside writer more perspective when communicating with your customers. Remember, your website isn’t all about you. It’s about your customers first and foremost.

A Copywriting Agency = Flexibility

Just need help to produce a blog post once a week? Or do you need an intensive few days of work dedicated to writing your entire website? Hiring a copywriting agency to write the content for your start-up can be a cost-effective solution.

Rather than covering an in-house salary, you’ll only pay for expertise when you need it. And when you need more resources at short notice, you can hire a content writer from a copywriting agency that can accommodate you without compromising on quality.

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