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Wordbrew’s Jasmine Glasheen named among top global retail experts

Jasmine Glasheen, a retail expert, SaaS content strategist, and our Wordbrew editor, has been recognized among the top 50 global thought leaders and influencers in retail by Thinkers360.

In a recent interview with Jasmine, we tapped into her extensive knowledge to explore her views on the future of retail and her thoughts on this prestigious nomination.

We’ll cover:

  • The factors contributing to Jasmine’s rise in the retail industry
  • How generational purchasing behavior can influence retail strategies
  • The influence of brand-sponsored media on the future of retail
  • The importance of human expertise in AI-driven retail content

Meet Jasmine Glasheen, globally recognized retail influencer 

Jasmine got her start in retail at the ripe age of 14 when she worked as a catalog model.

“I remember going to photo shoots for Kmart and Kohls and being absolutely fascinated by the folks behind the scenes making the industry move,” Jasmine shared. “My first jobs were also in retail cosmetics so, by the time that I graduated with my BA in Creative Writing, I was already fascinated by what drives consumers to make a purchase.”

Her career trajectory expanded as she took on roles such as Publishing Editor in a trade show magazine and subsequently, Contributing Editor at RetailWire. As she built a dedicated readership, speaking requests followed, and Jasmine’s star grew. 

Jasmine’s success in the retail industry can be attributed to her rare blend of creativity, analytical aptitude, and an unyielding commitment to understanding the consumer.

“My unconventional career path positioned me to view the retail industry through a unique lens,” she said. “Directing content at retail and apparel industry trade shows showed me how margins are made behind the scenes, hosting panels and seminars taught me about retailers’ struggles in reaching consumers in an evolving world, and writing for fleet and payment solution providers taught me about the importance of the product journey––from idea inception to end delivery.”

These pivotal experiences, coupled with her comprehensive research on generational purchasing behavior, are what led to her inclusion on coveted lists such as Thinkers360 Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Retail Influencers and RETHINK Retail’s Top 100 Retail Experts.


Today, Jasmine is renowned for her insightful pieces in The Robin Report, where she demystifies generational purchasing behavior in layman’s terms. She also serves as a writer, editor and retail subject matter expert at Wordbrew, leveraging her decades of expertise to enhance content for retail clients.

Decoding generational purchasing behavior 

One of areas where Jasmine shines is in her deep understanding of generational purchasing behavior. By analyzing how different age groups interact with brands and make purchasing decisions, Jasmine offers invaluable insights that help retailers tailor their strategies to meet the needs and preferences of specific demographics.

“I learned very early on that differentiation was key to carve out a niche in the retail industry,” she said. “Thousands of folks write about retail every day, but, when I came on the scene, everyone who was writing about next-gen purchasing behavior was a member of the Gen X demographic or later. 

They didn’t understand why millennial hipsters were making their own kombucha and riding fixie bikes to work. As a millennial hipster myself, I had unique insight into our purchasing mentality which I eventually expanded to encapsulate generational purchasing behavior as a whole. My real world experience set me apart from the Ivy League-educated hordes pointing to textbooks––that’s how I built my career but, to stay relevant, I’ve had to learn to master new content mediums as they arise.”

The rise of brand-sponsored media

Regarding the future of retail, Jasmine predicts a growing role for sponsored content.

“We’re seeing video production companies making movies centered around product––the most recent being the star-studded cast of Unfrosted with tie-ins to Post and Kellogg’s offerings,” she said. “From Barbie to Transformers to Priscilla, brand-sponsored films will take center stage for years to come.”

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld at the recent premiere of Unfrosted, his new Netflix film based on the origin story behind the Pop-Tart (Source)

Sponsored content creates immersive experiences that engage consumers on a deeper level, while also enhancing brand visibility. Retailers looking to forge stronger connections with their audience will have to consider how collaborations with brands or content creators could fuel sales. 

Wordbrew, AI, and the future of retail expertise

Jasmine’s decision to join Wordbrew reflects her commitment to innovation in retail content.

“Have I mentioned that I like to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the retail industry?” Jasmine said. “I see Wordbrew as just that: pioneering hybrid content that’s edited by subject matter experts like myself, giving the pieces a unique perspective that you can’t get from AI-generated content alone… at a price point that’s affordable for a wider range of retail clients.”

At Wordbrew, Jasmine leverages her retail expertise to enhance the quality and relevance of content, ensuring that it resonates with the target audience and drives meaningful engagement. 

In an era dominated by AI and automation, one cannot underestimate the impact of human touch in content strategy. 

“There is nuance to each industry that one has to experience to understand,” Jasmine said. “Without that experience, we are all simply restating what’s already been said; with it, we can combine the structural prowess of AI with human intelligence to provide clients with credible, insight-driven content that they can’t get anywhere else.”

Jasmine envisions a future where retail experts like herself play a crucial role in guiding brands through the complexities of the digital age. Looking ahead, data-driven insights and human creativity will converge to create retail experiences that are personalized, engaging, and sustainable.

You can catch Jasmine speaking at BrightonSEO this fall in San Diego, California, and follow along with her on LinkedIn to stay tuned on what comes next.

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