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How To Write Performance Content

Hint: It’s all about the EAT.

No, this isn’t some metaphor for how digestible your audience finds your writing. Type anything into Google (well, almost anything, google Googlewhack if you want to head off down that rabbit hole) and you’ll find pages upon pages of websites, articles, blogs, and posts sharing wisdom in answer to your inquiry.

Whether your content pops up near the top of the Google search rankings or languishes near the fat end of the triangle comes down to three key things. Your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. EAT. The result? Killer performance content.

What Is EAT For SEO And Why Does It Matter?

It’s a tasty little acronym that has been around for years in SEO, but as Google continues to refine its algorithms to filter out the quality content from the rest, the expertise, authority, and trustworthiness of your content is becoming ever more influential in how well it ranks.

Simply, when you make a search inquiry via Google, it tries to show the most useful and relevant content to you first. To do that, it looks at the quality of your content and its EAT.

So, how do you boost your EAT to make your content Google’s new superfood?

Exploring Expertise

None of us should ever get medical advice from Dr. Google. But when we do, we want to know that our information is coming from a medical professional, and not our local builder. Expertise is important.

But, it’s not just the quality of the information you write that matters, the expertise of the person or brand doing the writing is equally valuable.

Ways to build expertise:

  • Write regularly on a topic that your brand is an expert in – it could be financial investments or children’s footwear – and show that you know that topic inside out.
  • Link to reputable sources in your content. Just like we’ve done here. No copying and pasting, though. Simply use your sources to back up your arguments, opinions, and facts. And I’m doing so, align your brand and its content with high-quality, authoritative experts.
  • Keep content up to date

What Is Content Authority?

The authority of you or your website – in Google’s eyes at least – is a measure of your reputation. Do other people go to you for information about a specific topic?

To determine this, Google is looking for reviews of your services or products, news articles featuring your brand, expert recommendations, and any other independent, reliable sources writing about you.

The more high-quality, expert content you produce, the more likely other people will start to come to you for information – or to link to your site – and the more your authority will increase.

How To Build Brand Trust

How trustworthy is your brand? Is your content accurate and up to date? Can customers contact you via appropriate channels? Brand trust comes not only from your expert content but in how you present it. A few ways to improve your brand trust include:

  • Being clear about the people behind your brand – the people responsible for your content – and where their expertise lies.
  • Keeping content up to date and making sure anything you write is factually accurate, with reliable, trusted sources.
  • Making sure your contact information is available and easy to find.

Can SEO Content Writing Services Help?

Yes! Demonstrating and improving your EAT takes time, and quality, factually accurate, highly-expert content holds the key.

If you can’t commit to regularly writing blog posts, continually updating content, or announcing breaking company news, then a specialist content writer can help. If that’s you, get in touch. We’re ready to wave our magic wands and get your EAT in tasty condition.

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