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Why Writing A Press Release Is More Relevant Than Ever In 2024

Has the rise of social media hailed the demise of the humble press release?

Reaching your digital audience is no longer limited to news sites or traditional media outlets. TikTok videos, Instagram posts, or LinkedIn updates are part and parcel of any 2022 PR campaign.

But don’t write off the press release just yet. If anything, writing a press release is more relevant than ever in 2022. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is A Press Release?

These nuggets of PR gold are your way of reaching out to journalists, bloggers, news desks, and other media – online or in print and all with a much larger reach than yours – as a way of disseminating news, updates, or announcements about your brand to your target audience.

A good press release will capture a journalist’s attention, lay out the bones of a story, include all the details needed without embellishment, and provide quotes, images, and any other necessary background information.

Why Do You Need A Press Release in 2024?

Far from being an outdated throwback to the print press era, press releases are versatile tools for modern PR and marketing. A press release does more than get your news out there. It can be a cornerstone of a multi-faceted marketing plan. Why write a press release? Here’s the lowdown.

SEO Benefits

PR potential isn’t the only reason to include writing a press release in your 2022 marketing strategy. Generating news stories about your brand online can provide valuable backlinks to your website from sites with high domain rankings.

Backlinks are an online vote of confidence for your site. When that vote comes from well-regarded websites, Google will take notice.

Target the keywords most relevant to your audience to increase the likelihood that news about your brand will appear in relevant Google searches.

Journalist Relationships

A well-pitched press release is still one of the best ways to maintain relationships with journalists. While you might not receive a response every time, writing a press release regularly and sending it out to your network keeps your brand on the industry radar.

Additionally, many editors, newswires, and traditional news sites rely on press releases as their source of breaking news. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be heard.

Content Marketing

Repurpose your press releases into content for your site. While you’ll want to rewrite any web content or social captions in your brand tone of voice (press releases are more informative than emotive), you’ve already done the hard work shaping an attention-grabbing story.

Feeding your press release into your content schedule connects your communications channels and allows you to maximize the SEO value of the story.

Things To Remember Before Writing A Press Release

Such is the saturation of online news that one of the worst things a brand can do is ‘release and forget’ when it comes to PR. A press release is effective when it forms part of a well-constructed PR and marketing strategy.

To maximize the benefits writing a press release can bring to your content and communications strategy, you’ll need to adhere to a few golden rules. These will help your press release stand out in a journalist’s inbox, catch the eye of your audience, and mark your brand as an industry expert. Here are Wizeo’s top tips:

  • Timing is everything. What topics are buzz-worthy right now in your industry? Research industry trends and try to hook your story on them. Also, research when target journalists are most receptive to receiving pitches – often Mondays to Wednesdays or early mornings.
  • Know your audience and tailor your release to follow the style of the media outlets they follow.
  • Keep it brief and highlight the main facts and story points first.
  • Ditch the superlatives. You want your release to be factual, easy to digest, and informative.
  • Go for an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Include quotes from relevant people, brand representatives, or prominent figures.
  • Include high-resolution photos if available, and contact details of representatives for follow-up information.

The Benefits of PR and Press Release Services

Outsourcing your PR or press release writing can be invaluable if you lack in-house PR expertise. Press release services use expert writers with professional knowledge to shape a compelling story, craft a catchy headline, and ensure your release is pitched just right for your target media and audience.

Here at Wizeo, we have a team of PR specialists on hand, with a range of experience across industry niches, to help your news get traction. Contact us for a chat about how we can help today.

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